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Serviced Apartments in the heart of the Melbourne CBD - Apartments at Melbourne.

Breakaway Group Electrical Motor Repair - Specialists in electric motors and electric motor rewind.

Dotmar Engineering Plastics - Suppliers of , Acrylic, Perspex, PVC and HDPE sheets.

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Business intelligence

What is the market doing? What are your competitors up to? What is happening to the demand for certain products and services? What capacity is there to service those needs? The answers to those questions are found in business intelligence and business intelligence is all about having a competitive edge.

It adds value to your existing information to give you a market advantage. In a responsive environment, well managed business intelligence enables senior management to create the right company profile at the right time. Its value is seen in companies that position themselves to capture the lead, just as the market adjusts. In extreme cases, they may even create that market adjustment.

Imagine the value of ongoing, real-time profile development to your competitive position.

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